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Worried About And Unexpected Cost In Your Budget? We Can Help!

A design allows you to anticipate potential costs and assists with install later in construction.  Our design team incorporates all plans and specifications of the site and will determine the best location for your Bi Directional Amplifier/BDA.   Network mapping ensures that the system is balanced and necessary coverage will be met.  We will optimize your building to have the best results possible.

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage/Public Safety DAS Design

We design for the specific frequencies in your jurisdiction.   Our design packets consist of:

  • ERRC Design & RF Modeling 
  • Code Compliant Plan Review
  • Construction Documentation and Submittals
  • BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • System drawings coordinated and propagated in iBwave.   

Products are found throughout the industry.  From passive components to cutting edge technologies in fiber and amplification systems.

Cellular Booster Support And Design

Design services for any public safety or cellular project throughout the United States.

Be ready with a DAS design

Determine how a Distributed Antenna System will best fit into your building. Order a preliminary DAS design for your project today.