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Signal Tests

Signal Tests or Site Surveys allow our professional team to access your site where we perform grid test using the PCTel Seehawk System.  This allows us to generate an easy-to-read report that shows how your buildings radio frequencies perform per the IBC/IFC, NFPA requirements.  These requirements are achieved by either installing an expensive ERRC system or proving the building has adequate coverage on it’s own.  We also provide you with a report verifying your buildings performance.

Being on-site also allows our team to get a feel for the layout of your building(s), determining optimal routes for running cable and figuring out what building material may pose challenges for a successful installation.

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Do You Need Signal Testing At Your Business Location?


Questions to ask to see if you could benefit from a RF Site Signal Test

  • Wondering if your project will be subject to a Distributed Antenna System requirement?
  • Does your project need a signal test by a third-party testing service to gain occupancy?
  • Is your building going through a major remodel or addition?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you determine if your local jurisdiction is subject to the requirement and administer a signal test to verify the need.

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Signal Test Estimate

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