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Installation and Commissioning

Experienced Installation Services With Professional Headend Programming & System Tuning

Our installations are always scheduled around the progress of the project.  We will work with you and proceed where necessary during the construction process.  We take in account the project schedule and will install what we can as the project progresses. Certain parts of construction must be completed before parts of our DAS installation can be done and we will work with you to make sure we start at the optimal time. Installation involves the setup of the main amplifier and all head end equipment in the designated area from our design plans, cable rough in, and antenna rough in. All our systems are offered as a turnkey or non-turnkey plan with cable installation as an optional service that can be done by another subcontractor for a reduction in cost. We can supply all additionally needed DAS materials and specialized services.

Our testing and commissioning process occurs alongside the installation as well as after completion. All cable routes are tested to make sure every connection function and there are no issues in the system. Upon completion of the system, we program the amplifier to the desired specifications and do a final signal test to ensure standards are met. If any further services are required, we will make sure that the install is complete.  We always finish the job when the customer is satisfied, not just upon installation.  Our mission is that this be painless and improve the overall quality and value of whatever project our work is installed in.

Our Installers are bonded, insured, and follow all OSHA safety guidelines.

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