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Maintenance, Upgrades And Out Of Warranty Services

A Distributed Antenna System is a significant investment.  Maintenance and systems upgrades are crucial to the optimum performance of the DAS. Because of the rapid technological advances in the wireless industry It is important to stay on top of your DAS maintenance and warranty.

Maintaining a DAS requires technical expertise and skilled personnel. Clearline Engineering provides important services to our clients which help with maximizing their investment and minimize service disruptions.

Out of Warranty Repair Services

Even if we did not do the initial install Clearline Engineering can assist with any DAS that may be out of warranty or requiring an upgrade. The same level of service we offer during an initial consultation is provided for all our maintenance and upgrade services.

Equipment Maintenance And Services:

  • Optimization
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment Reconfiguration
  • Acceptance Test Procedures
  • System Performance Tests
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Antenna Line Sweeps
  • Equipment Inventory
  • RF Data Collection

DAS Optimization/Upgrade services:

  • Current system performance evaluation

    • Coverage analysis
    • Traffic analysis
    • Design of upgrade components
    • Installation Testing

In accordance with the IFC, we guarantee that our emergency responder radio coverage systems are always maintained and operating fully.  We can annually test any building for even coverage and will provide proof of Compliance for the owner and fire code official.  Signal boosters, backup batteries, and power supplies are also tested.  As well as all other active components to verify that they are operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications.  Beyond Annual Inspections, the next time that structural changes occur including additions or remodels (which could potentially change the original field performance tests), testing will also need to occur.

If you have a current system that is not operating or is needing assistance, we can help troubleshoot any issues you may be having and happy to work with you to get your system compliant again.

Radio Coverage Systems Maintenance Inquiry

Contact us to see how Clearline Engineering can help troubleshoot issues you may be having with your radio coverage system.