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Radio Signal Testing

In 2009, the International Fire Code introduced Section 510 which requires all new buildings to be tested for approved emergency responder radio coverage, where a minimum signal strength of -95 dBm is necessary along with coverage of 99% of areas deemed vitally important. In addition, existing buildings that meet a minimum square footage or contain below grade leveling are required to be tested.

Signal Testing Methodology

To maintain consistency and transparency with results and reporting, Clearline Engineering uses the PCTel Seehawk System. The solution’s in-building grid-based testing tool automatically generates easy-to-understand reports that conform to most common public safety coverage requirements as specified by NFPA and IFC standards.

Radio Signal Reporting

Once a test is complete, the PCTel’s automatic reporting function will generate a Third-Party report detailing the in-building signal levels, and determ whether the building passes or fails. If a building fails to meet required signal coverage, it may need an Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Distributed Antenna System (ERRC DAS). For more information, visit the links below, view our Contact page, or drop a message in our chat box.